Spring marches on this Easter weekend


Today the amelanchia came into flower and note the strip of blue, blue sea on the horizon.  Every day there’s something new to see in the garden.  However, the new wildlife pond has unfortunately ground to a halt as I wait for the liner to arrive.  All in good time.  Wishing everyone a Happy Easter.

Temporary Closure with immediate effect

I have now come to the decision to close Troustrie with immediate effect until further notice.  I consider it my social responsibility to discourage visitors from coming into the area, putting additional strain on this small community, especially the health service, should anyone who doesn’t live here full time, become ill.  Troustrie WILL re-open and I look forward to seeing both new and repeat guests coming through the door once again.  In the meantime, do keep in touch and keep an eye on our website and here.  Keep well.  Lesleyx